Aroma | 59 Fragrance

Promotion Video for a kickstarter project for a fragrence by ORIJIN:

After two years of development, we've formulated our first line of fragrances that represent the power and calmness of nature, right at your fingertips. But we're changing the way its traditionally presented - a fragrance that is no longer in a liquid state, but rather, in a natural solid state.


All the way down to Aroma | 59's DNA,  our scents have been thoughtfully formulated with natural materials to smell fantastic without being overbearing on the senses (like many commercial fragrances our there). With Aroma | 59, our solid based formula is softer and more intimate. With an alcohol-free, natural anhydrous wax base that quite literally melts onto your skin with the warmth of your body,  it holds the fragrance closer, making it a subtle part of you.


Aroma | 59 Fragrance
Client: ORIJIN
Concept, Artdirection, Production: Raphael Ziegler
Creative Direction: Raphael Ziegler
Production Team: Raphael Ziegler
Animation, Rendering: Raphael Ziegler

Role: Storyboarding, Direction, Animation