Magnetic Cap

FLOSTY is a creator of aluminium & plastic high-quality packaging solutions for the fragrance and cosmetic industry. I was asked to support WINT Design by creating a little clip which illustrates their magnetic cap.


A good illustration of FLOSTY’s versatile products, here is one of our latest creation: an innovative concept of aluminium cap that combines the exclusivity and quality of a magnetized stopper with the optimization and efficiency of standard solutions.The product consists of two pieces: a cap and an aluminium ring coupled with magnets. The cap, adaptable to all FEA 15 and neck heights, is delivered assembled with its ring. The mechanism has been developed in such a way that the ring is locked to the neck of the bottle by friction and the cap is removed and fitted simply by the strength of the magnets: play the animation illustrating it!

This innovative concept is registered and marketed in a first phase with an aluminium cap model and two different necklace options, with multiple customization possibilities.


FLOSTY - Magnetic Cao Animation

Client: FLOSTY
Concept, Artdirection, Production: WINT DESIGN
Creative Direction: Felix Rasehorn, Robin Huske, Leon Laskowski, Raphael Ziegler
Production Team: Felix Rasehorn, Robin Huske, Leon Laskowski, Raphael Ziegler
Animation, Rendering: Raphael Ziegler

Role: Storyboarding, Direction, Animation