FLOSTY is a creator of aluminium & plastic high-quality packaging solutions for the fragrance and cosmetic industry. I was asked to support WINT Design by creating a front page animation to promote their website.


When working on 3D animations it is very tempting to lose yourself and depicture anything you want, because there are no constraints in the virtual world. We deliberately decided to create a simple storyline that sticks to the process of how the real product actually comes to life – thus follow the actual technical steps, yet in an abstract and aestheticized manner. The storyline is composed of four key scenes that follow the cylinder as the main protagonist of the story:

The story starts with a larger amount of flat aluminium discs and how they are deep drawn into cylinders and cubical shapes to embody the industrial scale and efficiency of production.

The different raw pieces then float through surface treatments such as anodization, represented by coloured bubbles. The evolving geometries, now start to take final shape, colour and texture, yet float aside to give space for a single cylinder – we called this the “hero shot”

Next we focus on a single cylindrical geometry that flips through various shapes and combinations of customization options, a state that represents not only creativity but the highest care to detail and quality on a piece that is as carefully crafted as a handmade piece.– Finally, we enter the last scene and show the amazing variety done in high quality materials and finishes that FLOSTY is capable of offering – turning a standard into a highly creative & customizable product of unique quality: FLOSTY – Make It Yours.


FLOSTY - Front Page Animation

Client: FLOSTY
Concept, Artdirection, Production: WINT DESIGN
Creative Direction: Felix Rasehorn, Robin Huske, Leon Laskowski, Raphael Ziegler
Production Team: Felix Rasehorn, Robin Huske, Leon Laskowski, Raphael Ziegler
Animation, Rendering: Raphael Ziegler

Role: Storyboarding, Direction, Animation